blinkbox experience site

I worked as part of a small team to make the blinkbox website fully responsive.

Off the back of this I developed and helped design the internal blinkbox design site. A resource which contains all the design patterns we've created to ensure a consistent experience across platforms.

The challenge

There was a lack of understanding across the business regarding how we design the blinkbox experience to be consistent on all platforms.

To address this we were planning to document the pattern library we created, so it was easily accessible to all in the business.

Additionally our document would have to be easily updatable by anyone in the design team, regardless of their ability to code.

Therefore we decided to create a website.

The process

We reviewed the different sections of the pattern library and decided which sections were important and should be represented on the site. Once this was decided I worked on the design of the site.

I chose WordPress to build the site as it is open source, well maintained and there are a number of plugins we could use to make the development as smooth as possible.

We approached the site on a page by page basis. This was done by prioritising the sections we had all agreed upon and starting at the top of the list.

I created wireframes and wrote copy for the pages under my remit as UX designer.

Once the visual design was complete we went through a process of ensuring all dimensions were consistent. Type, margins and images were all normalised.

This allowed me to create them in the WordPress theme as stand alone components which would work together regardless of the order we put them in. This was part of a bigger plan which ensured the site was fully self sufficient.

I used a WordPress plugin called Advanced Custom Fields which allowed me to build a backend system which anyone could use to build or edit a page from scratch whilst ensuring it would always look consistent with the rest of the site.

Although everyone was now able to create their own pages I was tasked with creating the initial pages, even if they were designed by other members of the team.

The results

The site was well received by blinkbox staff and often used by developers, test engineers and product owners to settle queries and suspected bugs without having to approach the design team.

Many people found the resource very useful on a daily basis. Staff also found they could appreciate and understand our design decisions more as they had an opportunity to read through the rules we crafted to help guide the design process.